Olivia T. Jannesson

Olivia T. Jannesson

Actor, Voice Artist and Content Creator


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All About Olivia

Olivia is an actor, voice over artist and creative, natively fluent in Swedish and English. She was born in Sweden but has lived and worked in several different countries, including Zambia, South Africa and London, which has allowed her to gain first hand knowledge on multiple languages and accents. 

Graduating her Bachelors Degree from City Varsity in South Africa with Distinction and Merit in 2017, she has since been working on feature films, short films, stage productions and tours throughout South Africa, England, Scotland and France, and working on voice over projects all across the globe.

With a wide interest, she is, among other things, trained in martial arts, horse riding and fencing, and enjoys playing the ukulele terribly. She always loves to take on new challenges and will bring the Disney-can-do attitude to any project she takes on.


As an experienced international actor I will help bring your characters to life both on stage and screen.

As a bilingual voice artist, proficient in several accents and characters types, I will help bring your characters to life from my home studio.

As a writer, I provide content, research and translations for various companies and organisations


For performing work, please get in touch with my agents

For acting work: 
International Actors London 
+44(0) 20 7125 0539 
For Voiceover work: 
VoiceFox Agency
+44(0) 20 7125 0539 
For Motion Capture work: 
The Mocap Agency
+44 (0) 7906 905 202

Alternatively, get in touch with me directly using the form below, or send me an email on olivia@jannesson.eu