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Are you looking for a voice for your commercial?

Do you need someone to bring your video game characters to life?

With a warm, welcoming, and versatile voice, carrying enigmatic husky undertones, I will bring your text and characters to life!

Animation Voice reel
English Commercial reel
Swedish Commercial Reel
Swedish Narrative Fiction

RP English Reel
Narrative Fiction Reel
Narrative Non-Fiction Reel
Narrative Kids Fiction Reel

I am an international voice actor, natively fluent in Swedish and English, and have several accents in my arsenal. As a trained actor, I am a versatile performer, with expereince voicing animations and cartoons, narrating audiobooks, commercials, fiction and non-fiction, and voicing video games.

Need help? Send me a message and we can have a talk about what you need for your project. Take a listen to my voice reels above, and follow me on SoundCloud.

It is easy to book me for a project, and you will receive an edited mp3 or WAV file, recorded in my home studio. Let’s talk about what you need!

Got a question? Get in touch, or email me at olivia@jannesson.eu